Transitioning from a Pediatric Urologist

Pediatric urologists are surgeons who diagnose, treat and manage children’s urinary and genital problems. They treat patients from birth through the teen years. 

The most common health issue seen by pediatric urologists is 

a urinary tract
infection (UTI). 

These happen more often
in girls than in boys. 

You can ask your child’s pediatric urologist about transitioning to an adult urologist any time during the teen years. 

The pediatric urologist can help you and your teen decide the best time to make the switch. Sometimes the transition to an adult urologist happens as late as age 18 to 21. Some hospitals and medical systems have age limits for care from pediatric urologists. 

During the first few visits, the adult urologist may take more time getting to know your teen or young adult. For a time, your teen may have visits with their pediatric team and the new adult team.

To help your teen make the transition, show them how to schedule appointments, manage their medicine and learn about health insurance. Give them privacy—allow them to speak alone with the urologist. Teaching them to manage their health care will help them become independent young adults.

Learn more by watching our Pediatric Urology - Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Care video below:

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