Fertility Preservation Options are Available for the Military

Urotrauma is a major concern because it can affect a person’s sexual function and ability to have children. If you serve in the military or work in a profession where urotrauma is possible, you have access to fertility preservation options. Here’s what you need to know.

Urotrauma is a word used to describe an injury to the reproductive organs or urinary tract.

A person may experience urotrauma from a hard blow to the body (blunt force trauma), fall or car or bike accident. During war, improvised explosive devices or IEDs can also cause urotrauma.

Fertility preservation is an option for those who have experienced urotrauma. It is the process of saving or protecting eggs, sperm or reproductive tissue so a person can use them in the future if they choose to have a biological child. For men, sperm banking and sperm extraction may be options. Sperm banking is when men freeze their sperm until they need them. For men who have trouble ejaculating or have limited sperm in their semen, sperm extraction may help.

This is when a health professional removes sperm from a testicle to fertilize a woman’s egg in the short-term or freeze for a later time. For women, options may include freezing eggs or embryos (eggs fertilized with sperm). Fertility preservation is covered by some insurance plans, but not all. Be sure you understand your coverage. If you do not have health insurance, ask about the costs associated with each fertility preservation option.

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