If you need to have bladder cancer surgery, your surgeon may create a small, spout-like hole called a stoma in your abdominal wall. Your urine will pass out of the body through the stoma into a bag called a urostomy pouch.

You will get instructions about how to change and empty the pouch system before you leave the hospital.

It is important to care for your stoma and the skin around it to prevent infection.

  • Before you attach the pouch, wash your skin with warm water and pat it dry.
  • Avoid using skin care products that contain alcohol—these can make the skin too dry.
  • Avoid using products on the skin around the stoma that contain oil—they can make it difficult to attach the pouch to your skin.
  • Be careful when you pull the pouch system away from the skin. Only remove it once a day, unless there is a problem.
  • If you have hair on your skin around the stoma, you may want to remove it to help the pouch stay in place. Avoid using a straight edge or safety razor. Instead, use trimming scissors, an electric shaver or have laser hair removal treatment.

If you see any skin redness or skin changes, treat them immediately. Don’t wait until they become big or very irritated. If your skin is irritated where the plastic pouch touches it, you can try a pouch cover or a different type of pouch.

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