What is Advanced Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer is categorized into 4 stages. Throughout your prostate cancer journey, it is worthy to know about the different treatment options available for each.

The 4 Stages of Prostate Cancer

​Stage 1

The tumor in the prostate is so small, it is only visible with a microscope

​Stage 2

The tumor has grown bigger inside the prostate, but not to nearby tissues

​Stage 3

The cancer has spread outside the prostate, but only to nearby tissues

​Stage 4

The cancer has spread outside the prostate to other more distant tissues, most often to the lymph nodes and bones. Stage 4 is known as advanced prostate cancer.

There is no cure for advanced disease, but there are different options on hand to treat it. They involve a variety of drugs to block male hormones (hormone therapy), chemotherapy to kill cancer cells, radiation therapies ​to attack the cancer in the bones and more recently, various approaches to boost the immune system (immunotherapy).

​Working as a Team

The goals of Stage 4 prostate cancer treatment are to help you live longer and have you feel better by shrinking the tumor(s) and curbing symptoms. Eating healthy, drinking enough fluids and working out can help you feel healthy no matter where you are in treatment.

At any stage of your journey, it’s vital to always be in communication with your health care team. Here are a few questions you can ask your doctor:

  1. Which treatment choices do you suggest for me? Why?
  2. What side effects should I expect, and how can I handle them?
  3. Will I need extra help from family or friends during or after treatment?
  4. Should I think about joining a clinical trial?

For more facts about advanced prostate cancer, visit UrologyHealth.org/AdvPCaFS

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