Staying hydrated during the summer months is important. While drinking water is a great way to keep your fluid levels up, exploring flavored drinks or smoothies can also help you stay hydrated in the summertime heat. 

Fruity Smoothie

Makes 2 servings (serving size is 1½ cups or 12 oz.)


8 ounces of canned fruit cocktail with juice

2 scoops of vanilla-flavored whey protein powder

1 cup cold water

1 cup crushed ice


1. Mix all ingredients in a blender for about 2 minutes and serve. 

Party Punch (low sugar) 

Makes 13 servings (serving size is a ½ cup)


½ cup liquid fruit punch concentrate

1 liter diet lemon lime soda

1 pint sherbet lemon or lime flavor


1. Place soda in a punch bowl or a large mixing bowl. 

2. Add fruit punch concentrate and stir.

3. Add sherbet. 

4. When sherbet starts to melt, stir and serve.

Watermelon-Rosemary Flavored Water

Makes 10 servings (serving size is 1 cup) 


1 cup watermelon

2 stems fresh rosemary

10 cups water


1. Cut watermelon into cubes. 

2. Add all ingredients to a pitcher and stir. 

3. Refrigerate overnight before serving.  |  SUMMER 2017  |  UROLOGY​HEALTH ​​​​​​​extra